Welcome to Pomsky Heaven, the home of Healthy and Heart melting Pomsky puppies for sale. Pomsky Heaven is an in-home Pomsky breeder who strives to produce healthy and happy puppies to enrich the lives of others. Our Pomsky goal is to create a true recognized breed that is able to be shown and compete in conformation and performance events by working alongside reputable breeders and associations.

All Pomsky Heaven puppies are thoroughly examined by an experienced veterinarian including eyes, ears, skin, joints, heart, lungs, temperature, abdominal and testicles. We focus on breeding and providing the healthiest pomsky puppies to loving families for adoption as their family members.

We are dedicated to producing happy, healthy, friendly pomsky puppies with beauty and brains. All pups are raised in our home with lots of socialization & love.

Pomsky puppies for sale

As one of the most trusted and reputable breeders, We are happy to provide all our customers with a 1 year written health guarantee as Pomsky puppies are mixed breed dogs which have fewer health concerns due to their genetic diversity. We take proper care regarding our Pomsky puppies’ diet and provide healthy nutrition. Our Pomsky puppies are well trained, socialized with children and other pets like cats and all Pomsky puppies will come with all shots up to date. Puppies will only leave after 8 weeks of age. If you are in a hurry to get one of our lil cute Pomsky puppies you will have to reserve it and wait.

When you choose Pomsky Heaven as your trusted source for Pomsky puppies, take comfort in knowing you’ll be buying from a responsible breeder. We are cautious about health testing and other steps that need to be taken to ensure you’ll be getting a dog that’s healthy and ready to be loved. Whether you’re looking for Pomsky puppies for your own home or as a gift for special someone, our friendly staff is here to help. Contact us today to find your perfect lovable, four-footed companion!

Pomsky puppies for sale

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